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A Message from Our President

1928 was a year of unbridled optimism. "The War To End All Wars" was behind us. The Roaring Twenties was drawing to a close. The Thirties appeared inviting.
Among the unparalleled numbers of new companies born in 1928 was AFC, Associated Fabrics Corporation.
One year later, the era of optimism was brought dramatically to a close. 1929 will always be bitterly remembered for The Great Depression. Virtually all of the businesses gleefully incorporated the previous year unceremoniously went bankrupt. Somehow, AFC survived. AFC became known as a small, reliable supplier of theatrical fabrics.
As Shirley Temple danced her way into a depressed country’s heart, our dance business grew. Our increased sales allowed us to offer a wider array of services, which in turn precipitated even more growth. Eventually we became the a large supplier of theatrical fabrics to the world.
Shortly before World War II, responding to our customers, AFC introduced fluorescent fabrics to America. Once again, as our reputation in fluorescents grew, our business did as well. Today, we offer a large selection of fluorescent fabrics.
After the War, AFC began to manufacture the first metallic fabric ever made, which we called  "Glitter Cloth." To this day some of our customers still fondly recall those early days when "Glitter Cloth" created a unique sensation. Today, metallic fabrics are more efficiently made overseas and, as a result, have increased in popularity. While we are sorry that we no longer make our own "Glitter Cloth," we are happy that we offer a large selection of metallic fabrics.
Today’s AFC, however, is more than just theatricals, fluorescents and metallics. We offer satins, taffetas, chiffons, organdies, laces, nets, prints, velvets, and our most popular specialty - Spandex.
2021 is our 91st year in business and our most important product remains what it has always been - our commitment to service. We will continue to make every effort to get you the fabric you need, in the color you want, at the time you need it, at the price you can afford.
As much pride as we take in our success, we take greater pride in our ever-expanding album of letters of appreciation from our customers. Just as we have employees who have faithfully worked for us for a half-century, we have customers whom we have diligently served for even longer. Their loyalties are the key ingredients in our success. It is to them, as always, that we dedicate this website.

 Martin Markowitz

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