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Spandex was introduced to the public on  October 28, 1959 by the Dupont Company. Their product, which they trade  marked "Lycra," created a sensation never before seen. "Lycra's"  phenomenal acceptance was due to the unique, inherent qualities of the  fiber. Compared to natural elastic, Spandex is stronger, more durable,  weighs less and has three times greater restraining power. Consequently,  it is ideal for use in any fabric where stretch, recovery, lightweight,  easy care, flexibility and durability are desired. The result is that  Spandex dominates the market in activewear, swimwear and dancewear.
We invite you to inspect and  appreciate our Spandex in this section. But don't stop there. Call us  and we'll send you even more information and color cards. Before you  know it, you'll be as excited about Spandex as we are.
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